You’ve defined what I’ve been doing lately. Reducing living expenses to make room for future savings.

I also wrote an article about how I reduced my monthly bills by over $1000 (it’s not curated. Check it out!) but it’s all about expenses.

Actually, I just refinanced my home and signed closing papers today through FHA streamline which lowered my payment by $220.00 per month!

Next on the list is insurance. Since I’ve had my policy I’ve turned 30 (32), raised my credit by about 150 points and paid off all of my cars. My insurance score has improved which should give me a lower total premium! That in turn will reduce my expenses further.

Im glad that others are finding this out as well. My goal right now isn’t even specifically to gain financial freedom (yet) but to buffer myself against crisis and lay a foundation for my son to grow up better than I did.

Great article!

Quality Assurance Analyst, Web Developer, and Tech Enthusiast

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