It always surprises me when I read some responses calling Bitcoin a useless asset.

Bitcoin allowed people to own and secure their own money without relying on banks.

Bitcoin combats inflation with a fixed amount. The US dollar continues to depreciate with every new batch of bills printed out of thin air.

Imagine your dollars gaining value, not losing it.

Imagine minimum wage not being an issue because the asset you acquire gains value.

Even if you look at the very bottom price points of Bitcoin over it’s life, it has very mathematically risen as it was designed to.

If you understand Bitcoin past the value booms and the concept of mining.

If you understand how the dollar works and how it becomes less valuable the longer it sits in savings accounts while banks profit off interest.

If you understand the intended problems solved by digital currency…

You would certainly be singing a different tune.

Quality Assurance Analyst, Web Developer, and Tech Enthusiast

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