I don’t think this article does your headline justice.

Software compatibility on a new platform is always the main concern. Apple can only emulate so much and those using the machine for professional use will likely wait until their apps are refined anyway to purchase.

But what gets me here is that your headline tells people not to buy it. That would imply a problem. I halfway expected to read about the bricking, Bluetooth problems, and other issues that have been reported but they weren’t here.

Instead, your article’s actual point was to think before you buy in case you can’t use the apps you would normally use every day because of Rosetta 2.

“Reasons to wait to buy Mac with M1” is different than “Don’t buy the M1 Mac”

Click bait works, but I told myself “Man I hope this isn’t another warning about Rosetta compatibility”.

To me, this is capitalizing on an already known fact. There’s nothing here that individualizes your information from that of the many other info sources reporting on this one and only caveat to switching immediately.

The article was awesome! It just doesn’t fit your headline.

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